London Harvest Festival 2020!

Welcome to our Digital Harvest Festival 2020!

Organised by the London Association of City Farms & Community Gardens, though we can’t meet this year face to face, thank you for supporting us with going online.

If you’ve registered for your free e-ticket you should receive an email with more details and information on how to join our live sections. Keep an eye on your spam or junk folder so as not to miss out!


11:00 – 11:45am
POND DOCTOR with Froglife

Join expert Emily Millhouse for a live Zoom at 11:30 midday on Saturday 19th September. Froglife know every city farm in London by their ponds and amphibians!

Zoom meeting details to be emailed out to e-ticket holders!

Emily will show you London’s frogs, toads, newts, slow-worms and waterplants, followed by an in-depth Q&A session on how to attract wildlife into gardens and allotments. Kids very welcome, please have an adult on screen. And a frog, toad or newt perhaps!

1:00 – 2:00pm
Fermentation Workshop with Jelena

Fermentation workshop with Jelena Belgrave using freshly harvested produce from Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses. Jelena will create a ferment especially for the festival. You will be able to ask her questions at the end of the demo.

Zoom meeting details to be emailed out to e-ticket holders!

You can download the recipe from their Instagram or Facebook page after the event!

2:00 – 2:30pm
Live harvest and cook-along with Stepney City Farm

Join Lead Grower Billy and Schools and Youth Officer Siobhan from Stepney City Farm for a seasonal harvest and cook-along, live from the farm on Instagram!

They’ve been running regular cooking sessions throughout lockdown – don’t forget to give them a follow to keep an eye out for their weekly cook-alongs too!

3:00 – 4:30pm
City Farm & Community Garden Zoom!

Join us on Zoom for a visit to some of our London city farms and gardens! We’ll be saying hello to sites around the capital and joining staff and volunteers for a tour and a chat.

In between visiting projects, we’ll also be checking out the entries we’ve had this year for all our competitions! Though sadly we’re not able to meet face to face, it hasn’t stopped projects throughout London getting stuck in and putting together some amazing entries!

Best Animal Portrait: Lamborne End

Hosted by Chris Pounds, Manager of Hackney City Farm, with Amber Alferoff from Social Farms & Gardens. To join the Zoom you’ll need to use the address and password provided via email from your free e-ticket.

As well as entering our competitions and joining in with live sessions, we’ve also had plenty of amazing videos sent in. These can be found online, so please check out our Farms, Animals and Wildlife, Community Gardens and Growing and Health and Wellbeing sections.

All of the projects that are part of the London Association of City Farms & Community Gardens do amazing work throughout the Capital, and the videos they’ve sent in show case just a small portion of the work they do!

5:00 – 5:30pm
Dinner with Kentish Town City Farm

Wrap up the evening by joining Tricia Bojang and cooking up some delicious courgette feta & spinach fritters. Tricia will be live from Kentish Town City Farm on their facebook page. If you want to sneak a peak at the recipe or even join along, you can download it here!

Don’t forget to give them a follow to keep up with their activities and updates too!

If you’ve got any thoughts or perhaps you’ve got your own superb looking homegrown vegetables, or a massive pumpkin, or perhaps your own miniature garden outside, why not tweet it at us @LDNHarvestFest and it might get a shout out on our live zoom!

If you don’t already, you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.