Competition entries

Every year at the London Harvest Festival we run a variety of competitions. Whilst sadly we cannot be together this year, the projects have gotten in the spirit and made their own entries at their own sites!

Click the images below to see the entries and let us know if you’ve got any favourites!

Best Fruit & Veg Display

Best Miniature Garden

Indrajit Seeds Project

Best Bouquet of Flowers

Wellgate Community Farm

Animal most like it’s handler

Animal most like its handler: Lamborne End

Best Fruit & Veg display in domestic setting

Best display of fruit and veg in a domestic setting: Calthorpe Community Garden

Best Portrait of Volunteer or Staff

Best Portrait: Lamborne End

The Most Pleasantest Pig

Pleasantest Pig: Newham City Farm

Quirkiest Plant Container

Quirkiest Container: Narsturtium in Oranginum, Calthorpe Community Garden

Tallest Sunflowers

Tallest Sunflower: Stepney City Farm (2.45m / 8')

Best Potted Plant

Best Portrait of Animals living on City Farm or Garden

Best Animal Portrait: Toby age 4, Newham

Best Vegetables

Best Vegetable: Virginia, Seeds Project

Heaviest Pumpkin

Heaviest Pumpkin: Kentish Town City Farm

Best Goat Beard

Best Goat Beard: Surrey Docks Farm

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